From Larkana to World of Mountains

My name is Asad Ali Memon, from small town in Sindh called Larkana- home to approx 0.5 million people.I am the only climber. I am 20 years old and currently studying in a private university in Karachi, Sindh. I am passionate about mountain climbing. I am not sure if anyone else has been so passionate (speaking in the context of Sindh province only), as I have scrolled through history of Sindh, in this pursuit. So far, I have not met any citizen who shares a similar passion that I wish to pursue but I am sure that there are many who carry a desire in their hearts to conquer the world’s greatest and highest mountain ranges.

I wish to pursue mountaineering as a profession along with my regular academics pursuits. If I get sponsorship; which I am hopeful about, I will certainly became the first Sindhi to have dared such a milestone. It would be a matter of pride for my country and for my region where mountaineering isn’t pursued or seen as a profession.

Once I successfully follow my career plans, I have a vision that I have been foreseeing ever since I have developed this passion for mountain climbing and I feel I would be restless until this dream is accomplished.

Moreover, this will not only benefit the province in terms of advancement in sportsmanship but also bring a new trend of sporting in the region. I am sure my passion& idea will be welcomed by the people of this country,as well this region.