Mountain life is extremely unpredictable

20 June 2021.

Mountain life is extremely unpredictable. You can't hinge on the weather even for a minute.

Sky turns crystal clear in a blink of an eye on one side or gets the cloud cover even without noticing on the other. That's unfair, I know. But that's what makes it too hard, exciting and challenging.

Being respectful and responsible is a gateway to conquer the mountain. Allowing yourself to accept and adept to the conditions make you strong and undefeatable, whatsoever.

Been stuck first at 7800ft, second at 9800ft and again at 11000ft even longer than previous makes very hard to carry the momentum going. Anyway, hoping to get some good weather back on.

Oh, and the mountain on the left is Mighty, the gigantic, the worth climb and the breathtaking : #Denali .