Summit over safely is no Success.

22th June 2021.

This Denali expedition has been a major learning experience and I can not compare it with any other mountain I have been to sofar. This journey to far most part of the world undoubtedly been phenomenal and amazing giving me some much to learn, practice and grab.

Unfortunately, this trip ended abruptly, not as I would have intended or liked. The weather & personal health was a key factor to lead to call off the expedition. The uncertainty, and bad weather forecast aided our decision. Though there were many people still trying to ascend however it's always better to turn around than never.

Therefore, with heavy heart feel broken and shattered but believe this is decision which I should take now. Have been lucky to avoid frostbite, got some injuries on both ankles,and stuck for so long at the temp would never allow recovery. Gtg bck to bc, n fly back to city. Thanks for the support!
Expedition Ends!