Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

14 June 2021

Initially Asad Ali Memon was supposed to travel to Alaska to participate in climbing expedition of Denali (North American highest peak located in Alaskan State of USA) starting from 6th June however due to numerous reasons: uncertainty due to current Covid situation and lack of financial means being the top few made Mr Memon miss his spot in the expedition.

Nevertheless, His journey went back on track after few days when he was offered sponsorship from one of the few leading organizations of pakistan namely #HMRGroup, #Waterlinkgroup and #Sapphire to make his dream come true.

Shifting his expedition from 6th June to 16th June wasn't easy but he made sure he avail this opportunity as this spot was in the last expedition of the Denali climb season of 2021.

Making last minute arrangements for him was daunting but exciting as well. He booked the next available flight from Karachi to Alaska making sure any unforeseen time delays are accounted accordingly. The best date worked as 14th June 2021.

He flew from Karachi at 6.00 of 14th June and arrived at Seattle airport at around 1455 Local time. Passing through customs wasn't easy for him but he made it. Afterwards, he took flight from Seattle Airport to Anchorage, Alaska from where his journey begins next day.