A body which has underwent 20 plus hours of extreme travel

15th June 2021.

A body which has underwent 20 plus hours of extreme travel (Karachi to Anchorage) needs at least equal amount of rest to recover. Next day was a easy day for Asad, as he rested the night and felt fresh and energetic after.

Done with the lunch, he went on to buy some equipment which he lacks yet necessary for his trip to Denali. The list was long but he had to go for any many items as possible within a specific budget of $500. Topping his list were 1) Climbing Helmet 2) Crampons 3) Rain jacket. He wanted to have one more item but it had billed $590 already.

Nevertheless, the remaining essential items are yet to be bought such as sleeping bag, double boats, down paints etc no this time though but soon. This time these things will be rented to minimize the cost.

In addition to the purchase of the few items, now Asad had to travel to Talkeetna in order to meet the group and get ready for the expedition ahead. There were very limited options to pick for transportation in sake of cost minimization. The bus that leaves Anchorage, was already full and left the city prior to scheduled time. Hence Asad was left with no option than to get the taxi and travel 170miles north of Anchorage. He left around 18.30 and reached at the destination after mesmerizing views of surrounding peaks, and nature at 20.30.

He rested the night in Talkeetna and excited to join the group.